What is an emplogger?
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WEB 2.0
A new way of job hunting and talent acquisition
  • EMPLOGGER for candidates. The lonely job search is over. You can now share your experiences, ask and get advice from other candidates who are also seeking for a job. Get in touch with employees of the companies in which you would like to work. Gather information, understand more and make better decisions!

  • NO COMPANY WILL BE AN ISLAND. Every company that is part of the world's first emplogger will now have the opportunity to discuss candidates, share best practices, salary information and to keep in touch with all the necessary organizations.
  • SOCIAL RECRUITING. As in all social networks, companies will be able to find the exact profile they are looking for and we will provide the necessary tools to make the recruiting process a lot easier. You will reach many more candidates. Everyone is inside this huge social network: those who are looking for a job and those who already have one.

  • FULL EMPLOYER BRANDING 2.0. Companies will become aware of what people feel and think about their organization in real time, proving them with solutions to build and improve their employer brand.